How to Help Children Stop Scratching

Children with Eczema know firsthand how uncomfortable this skin inflammation can be and just how all-consuming the desire to scratch the itchy feeling it causes. But because the inflamed skin is so sensitive and tender, scratching is the worst possible thing to do. Scratching can lead to bleeding, infection, and more pain in the long run.

For small infants, preventing scratching can be as simple as sleepwear that keeps little fingers away from the skin. But for older children, who can reach the itch but can’t be reasoned with to not scratch; how can you reduce the urge to scratch? Here are a few suggestions to help them find the relief they are searching for.


#1 Moisturize Liberally with EczeMate

Moisturization is the key to relief with eczema, and nothing accomplishes this better than EczeMate. By forming a protective barrier over the skin that prevents moisture loss and has healing ingredients, this ointment can not only relief the itch, it can also help heal the sensitive skin.


#2 Use Wet Wraps

Many parents find this technique beneficial as a physical barrier as well as a healing treatment. Follow these steps:

  • Bathe your child in a lukewarm bath for no more than 10 minutes.
  • Pat the skin dry and moisturize heavily with EczeMate.
  • Moisten clean gauze bandages and wrap the affected, itchy area carefully.
  • Wrap the wet bandages with dry bandages or towels and leave on overnight.


#3 Cold Compress

Similar to a wet wrap, a cold cloth can be placed over the itchy area to reduce the itchy feeling.


#4 Clip Fingernails

No matter how much you try to prevent scratching, there’s a good chance your little one will find a way to reach their itchy skin. To prevent any undue damage, be sure to keep their fingernails clipped and filed smooth to avoid any tearing to the skin.


#5 Try Pajamas with Feet

Not itching isn’t as simple as out of sight out of mind, but putting your young children in pajamas that cover their entire body, preventing easy access to their inflamed skin, can help to prevent scratching.


#6 Find Distractions

Itching, pain, frustration, and other negative feelings can sometimes be alleviated by distraction. A story, a movie, a fun game, or playtime can help redirect your child from focusing on their discomfort. The itch doesn’t really go away, but the distraction can keep it from being the only thing on their mind.