Skin Treatment

Lose the Lotion to Help Heal Eczema

Patients looking for Eczema Relief are often counseled to moisturize to find comfort. This makes sense because eczema is characterized by red, inflamed, itchy, and cracked skin; all of which can be alleviated by proper moisturization. But not all moisturizers are created equal. Many patients reach for standard lotions when the dry, itchy feeling begins, […]

Skin Treatment

Easing Steroid Cream Withdrawal Discomfort

For those suffering with eczema, topical steroid creams are the favored treatment of many doctors. But the side effects of these steroid creams are often something that many patients are unwilling to go through or put their children through. Many eczema patients are finding relief with the natural treatments of EczeMate, which relieves pain and […]

Living with Eczema

How to Help Children Stop Scratching

Children with Eczema know firsthand how uncomfortable this skin inflammation can be and just how all-consuming the desire to scratch the itchy feeling it causes. But because the inflamed skin is so sensitive and tender, scratching is the worst possible thing to do. Scratching can lead to bleeding, infection, and more pain in the long […]

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Is It Athlete’s Foot or Eczema?

Two skin disorders that are easily confused with one another are tinea pedis, athlete’s foot, and atopic dermatitis, or eczema. These two conditions share symptoms, but are treated differently. Your doctor can help determine what is happening with your skin and which skin condition you need to treat. Shared Symptoms Both athlete’s foot and eczema […]

Living with Eczema

Eczema and Exercise

Every doctor in the world will tell you that regular exercise is key to good health. The benefit to your heart, lungs, and muscles is worth the effort. But what if the by-product of exercise, the sweat and body temperature change, is the thing that causes your body pain? That’s the case for those who […]